"We went to see Duel of Angels, a play with Vivien Leigh. We went backstage and met Vivien. Lucy [Ball] and I went to the Brown Derby across the street. She was very depressed and just sat there and fiddled with her food. She said, ‘What I do is so meaningless, so unimportant. She is such a great actress. Look what she can do!’ To cheer her up, I said, “But, Lucy, think of the millions of people you’ve affected. Could Vivien ever, ever affect that many millions of people like you do?” She turned to me and said, ‘Have you ever heard of that little movie called Gone with the Wind?’” -Bob Osborne

Game of Thrones Meme: nine characters [6/10]

Alayne Stone: But that seemed more something Sansa would have done, that frightened girl. Alayne was an older woman, and bastard brave


Monday 13th
- Favourite Role - Freddie Lyon, The Hour.

The newsreels are dead. We’ve bored the public for too long. Give me this opportunity and I’ll prove it.

But may I say one more thing…You haven’t seen my best yet.

The man of my dreams.
This man of mine may kill me.
This man may truly kill me.

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